Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happy Holidays!

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Come craft in the library this week!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have craft stations set up in our classroom area.  Come create something for yourself or a friend during breaks or before/after school.

Our crafting stations:
  • Cut paper tree
  • Beaded ornaments
  • Snowflakes
  • Holiday cards
While you're here, check out a book to read over the winter break...

Happy Holidays from your library!

Winter Break Hours

The ES and MS/HS libraries are open during winter break from 10:00-2:00 on the following days:

December 17-21
January 3-4

Regular hours resume on Sunday, January 7.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Heist Society by Ally Carter

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The Heist Society series, which the first book is also titled, has been on my reading list since I read the Embassy Row trilogy also by Ally Carter.  I enjoyed the writing of that series and at the time, Embassy Row felt a bit like my expat life.

Heist Society, being about thieves, doesn't feel like my life (thank goodness!) but I still very much enjoyed the book.

Katerina has been a thief for a long as she can remember.  The book begins with the story of how she conned her way into a fancy private school in hopes of leaving the thieving life of her family behind.

But alas, that was not to be as her father is being accused of taking paintings from a dangerous mobster.  In order to save her father, she must assemble a team to find the paintings and steal them back from whoever stole them.

Part mystery and part crime with a little bit of a love interest thrown in, this was a fun read!

Find Heist Society in our library under the call number: MYSTERY F CAR

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Labeling the books!

Our next step in genrefication was to label every nonfiction book in the collection.  We went shelf by shelf.  My awesome assistants accomplished this feat in about a month.

For some shelves, it was very easy to figure out:
The Cooking section was easy!
For other shelves, it was easy to figure out but we used a variety of different labels:

A variety of topics in the 000's!

Some topics where harder:

1.  How broadly do we define narrative nonfiction?
  • We used a combination of how the book was labeled in Destiny and our own judgement.
2.  Should we split Heath into two sections? 
  • Yes!  We ended up splitting this section into "Health" and created another section "Wellness"
3.  What section do books about ninjas go in?  
  • After much discussion, we decided on crime because we have a subsection there for spies.  Sports and Fun & Games were also options.  It was a lot of discussion over our 3 ninja books.
Ninjas confuse us all.
And of course, there were the subsections we forgot about and added in as we went along:

  • Psychology- we split our psycholgy books into strictly science (Science section) and self-help (Wellness Section). We did this on the advice of of the Psych teacher, who we also confused in the process!
  • Philosophy- Wellness subsection.
  • Photography- Art subsection
  • Design- Art subsection
  • Education- Wellness subsection
  • Natural Disasters- Science subsection

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Labyrinth Journeys by Twylla Alexander

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I had a personal reason to pick up and read Labyrinth Journeys...I know the author!  Twylla and I taught on the same Grade 2 team at Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt.  My husband and I often recall that Twylla and her husband, Drew, drove us our first date.  Knowing I wouldn't want to ride, or arrive, in a dirty Cairo taxi to a formal function, they offered to drive us there!

I must admit that I have never walked a labyrinth, but Twylla's journey caught my interest.  I very much enjoyed the stories of the female labyrinth creators Twylla met throughout the throughout the United States, as well as her own story woven throughout the book.  I hope to visit the labyrinths in Sedalia, CO and Cheyenne, WY during my next visit home.

Labyrinth Journeys is an uplifting read.  Pick it up for inspiration as you follow your own journey!

Find Labyrinth Journeys in our library under the call number: WELLNESS 955 ALE

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Creating Nonfiction Labels

The next step in our nonfiction gentrification was creating labels for the books so we know which section they go in.  For our fiction section, we order our labels from Demco.

For nonfiction, we decided to create our own labels.  I designed our labels using LucidPress through my Google account.  I chose LucidPress because I have been using it to design other library materials since I switched to a Mac and had to give up Microsoft Publisher!  I find LucidPress more user-friendly (for me, a non-designer) over Pages or Photoshop.

All images came from openclipart

We had many sheets of extra blank Demco labels and ended up using two different types.  I originally designed the labels to fit the larger label type, which we had plenty of, but my assistants and I decided we did not like the look of the larger labels on the books.

So, I resized the labels to a smaller size (still Demco) and we used those until we ran out.  We then switched to the larger size labels and trimmed them for the last few hundred books.  Due to budget constraints, and the fact that I can only order once per year, we decided to use up what we already had.  I didn't want to put the project on hold until I could get more of the same labels!!!

Nonfiction Labels

(Demco Templates)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Classics in Graphic Novel Form

Check out these classic books rewritten in graphic novel format!  My son loves these books. They are great for students who are not yet ready to read the original work in its entirety, reluctant readers, or those students who shy away from "the classics."  We have these three in the library.  Find them in our graphic novel section.

741.5 HAL
741.5 EVE
741.5 MIL
(Image credits:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Choosing Nonfiction Sections

The next step in our nonfiction gentrification process was deciding on what sections we want for our books.

This was where I found it hard to find research applicable to a secondary library.  Two favorite resources I found were:

Hoover High School Blog- This  is where I found most of my ideas for our sections and sub-sections.

Mighty Little Librarian Blog- Tiffany Whitehead's series of blog posts on gentrification are where I found much of my information on organizing, shelving, and label-making.

Here is the list of sections and subsections we decided upon for our library:

Nonfiction Sections and Subsections
  1. War and Conflict
    1. General
    2. American Revolution
    3. WWI
    4. WWII
    5. Cold War
    6. Modern Wars
  2. History
    1. General
    2. Prehistoric Times
    3. Ancient Civilizations
    4. Ancient Egypt
    5. Ancient Greece
    6. Ancient Rome
    7. Middle Ages
    8. Renaissance
    9. Industrial Revolution
    10. Modern World
    11. Governments
  3. True Crime
    1. Spies
    2. Ninjas! (We had great discussions as to where to put the Ninja books...🤣)
  4. Health
    1. Diseases and Disorders
    2. Addictions
    3. Human Body Systems
  5. Wellness- We initially had this with health, but the section started to get really large and since wellness is a whole-school initiative so we decided to give it its own section.
    1. General Wellness (yoga, stress relief, exercise etc.)
    2. Self Improvement/Self-Help
    3. Inspirational (Chicken Soup like books)
    4. Education
    5. Philosophy
  6. Religion
    1. General
    2. Islam
    3. Christianity
    4. Hinduism/Buddism
  7. Global Issues
    1. Conservation
    2. Alternative Energy
    3. Civil Rights
    4. Poverty
    5. Terrorism
    6. Social/Cultural Issues
    7. Genocide
  8. Narrative (Nonfiction that reads like a story- all genres!)
  9. Cooking and Food
  10. Music
  11. Art & Design
    1. General
    2. Drawing
    3. Crafts
    4. Fashion
    5. Design (home design, flower arranging, etc.)
    6. Photography
  12. Sports
  13. Fun and Games
    1. Video Gaming
    2. Coding
    3. YouTubers
    4. Magic Tricks
    5. Math puzzle books (and other puzzle books)
    6. Fun Facts (fact books and Quick “encyclopedia-like” reads)
    7. Photography
    8. Movies and Theatre
  14. Supernatural
  15. Modern Marvels
    1. Internet and Computers
    2. Technologies
    3. Transportation
    4. Inventions
    5. Buildings and Structures
  16. Business and Math
    1. Finance and Economics
    2. Corporations and Management
    3. Math
  1. Science
    1. General Science
    2. Biomes
    3. Biology
    4. Genetics
    5. Chemistry
    6. Earth Science
    7. Space
    8. Physics
    9. Geology and Dinosaurs
    10. Nature
    11. Natural Disasters
    12. Psychology (the study of Psychology, not self help)
  2. Animals
    1. Pets
    2. General
    3. Ocean Animals
    4. Bugs
    5. Amphibians/Reptiles
    6. Mammals
    7. Birds
    8. Animal Fiction
  3. Poetry
  4. Literature
    1. Writing (hints, tips, guides)
    2. Drama/plays
    3. Language Arts
  5. Myths and Legends (move near Fantasy Fiction)
    1. Myths
    2. Legends
    3. Fairytales
    4. Folklore
  6. Travel and Geography
    1. Travel
    2. Countries of the world
    3. Atlases
  7. Biography
  8. Graphic Novels
  9. College Collection
  10. Bangladesh Collection