Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Her Stories

The creators of Her Stories are coming for a visit! 

"Told over the span of 1000 years, HerStories explores the lives of 21 outstanding women of Bengal and present day Bangladesh. Educationalists, poets, athletes, artists and activists, the heroines of HerStories are home-grown role models for future generations."

See the newsletter or one of the librarians for visit details.  And, enjoy this Her Stories book trailer:

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

 Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer was my first spring break read and one of our new books to arrive in the mid-year library order. 

I am admitting my age, and lack of TV series knowledge, by saying I did not know Chris Colfer was an actor in Glee until I conducted a quick Google search about him.

I picked up this book because I  have a weakness for books about famous people and thought: "TV star on a road trip...sounds fun!"  Plus, it had just arrived in the mid-year order and I love new books.

Stranger Than Fanfiction was a fun book and the best part about it were following the storylines/lives of all five characters.  The stories of each character are a bit over-the-top but that is what makes it fun and also thought-provoking because I think all readers can find something relevant to their life in the life stories of the characters.

Try this book out for a fun read!

Find Stranger Than Fanfiction in our library at: REALISTIC F COL

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Buddy Reading in the MS/HS Library

This week our middle school students are buddy reading with our elementary students.  This is one of our most requested library activities by students and teachers at all grade levels.  We enjoyed several great picture books and Grade 7 even read the tall tales they wrote to Grade 1 students. Over the 2 years we've been doing this, I've seen the read-aloud skills of our middle school students improve a great deal!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling
Drew grows up on a small farm, which I learned from Mr. Jobling was based off a fantasy version of the US.  (Previously, I had a European map in my mind!)
One evening he and his mother are attacked by a werecreature and for the first time, Drew changes and becomes a werewolf.  After running from home when his father returns and mistakenly believes he killed his mother, the first book in the series follows Drew's adventure through the kingdom as he discovers how to use his ability to transform and learns his rightful place as king of the werelords.  There are six books in the Wereworld series.  A great read!

Find the entire Wereworld series in our library at: FANTASY F JOB

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Author Visit: Curtis Jobling

We just finished a fantastic author visit with Curtis Jobling, author of several picture books, the YA series of Wereworld and Max Helsing and the creator of Bob the Builder!  Mr. Jobling worked with students PreK-Grade 12 in homeroom classes, art classes and Humanities/English classes.
A big takeaway...."Keep your hobby! You never know where it will lead you."  A valuable thing for students and parents to hear. Below are a few pics of his work with MS/HS students:

ES Librarian and me with Mr. Jobling

A fun-filled MS lesson on writing short stories.

Getting my caricature drawn in MS/HS art workshop

High School English writing workshop

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Every Day by David Levithan

Image from:
I recently finished Every Day by David Levithan.  This book hooked me from the start.  "A" is a mind (soul, maybe?) that changes bodies every day.  Each day is a new life that A can only stay in for the day.  One day A meets Rhiannon and wants to continue to see her.  From then on,  the life of whatever body A ends up in is disrupted by A trying to be with Rhiannon.  This story was intriguing and I look forward to reading Someday, which is expected to publish later this year.  Book 2, Another Day is written from the point of view of Rhiannon.  I will likely not read this one just yet because I'm more excited to see how the story continues rather than reading the same story from another perspective.

Find Every Day in our library at: ROMANCE F LEV

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading by Tommy Greenwald

Both my son and I recently finished Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading by Tommy Greenwald.  It was actually read several times in our house.  Once by my son, once by me after great reviews from him, and once as a read-aloud together.  This book left us both laughing about life in middle school as Charlie Joe Jackson tries to figure out how not to read anything...ever.  My son, who loves to read, liked the funny ideas on how to trick your parents into thinking you are reading.  He was concerned over the price of the bribe for getting Charlie's friend to read the book for him being raised to two ice creams.  My son read this book in a day and is now on to the second in the series.  I liked that this book was funny, easy to read, and high interest.  I will be recommending this book to other boys (and girls too!) in Grades 4-7.

Find Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading in our library at: HUMOR F GRE